Dobson PhotoArts

Dobson PhotoArts is located in Orange County, California


If you see a photo or photos and would like to own a print , please use the  Contact Us tab (above) and  tell us what you have in mind.

About Dobson PhotoArts

The photographs in our galleries reflect our interest in  sharing images of  the birds that we encounter while roaming  the western edge of the United States.

We have arranged our photographs by these main categories: a) Ocean and Water Birds,  and  b)  Land Birds. .Use  the menu tabs near the top of our pages  to find photos of various bird species in each category, or use the search or browse tabs. 

The easiest way to  view  the photos  in our galleries  is to click the slideshow button ( a right-facing triangle) that can be found on each gallery page.

In regards to the technical side of our business,  we generally shoot with Canon EOS cameras.  Our choice for "bird-lenses"  includes  three of Canon's  Super Telephoto offerings sometimes augmented by the 1.4x  series III or 2x series III tele-converters. 

We  hope you enjoy Dobson PhotoArts.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions for us, or special requests. 

Clicking on the green F tab at the bottom of the page will take you to our Facebook site.  Clicking on the green 500 icon below will take you to our page at 500px.

Thanks for stopping by!

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